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Boat Tours
The Caldera, seen from a boat is a source of wonderment. Images do not do justice to the magnitude, or to the changing shapes and colors of the marine landscape as you float on the water.
A boat trip around the Caldera lake is a magnificent way to spend a leisurely morning or afternoon. The views from the sea are breathtaking. Enjoy some hidden coves for a refreshing swim, or just enjoy the scenery and the magical feeling of this unusual place. Check out the picturesque little ports and the boat houses carved into the crater wall by the water, to get a feeling of the old days. For the most adventurous ones, check out the underwater marvels or collect sea urchins from the rocks. For a day infused with adrenaline choose a speedboat tour of the island’s seascape. Whether a day excursion to a nearby island, or a fun time at sea, Perivolas Boat Tours offer the ideal choice for day trips, and swimming in secluded coves.

Island Tours
A day could be spent trekking the cliff side trail between the main towns of Oia and Fira. This path offers stunning views and great photo opportunities. Trekking in the beautiful scenery of Santorini is an invigorating and memorable experience. Walk to Skaros past blue domed chapels and beautiful landscape features, or through the town of Oia, and down the stairs to the picturesque port of Ammoudi, with its colorful boats and little fish taverns by the water. Take a peak into the history and stories of the local people, the island life and its particular architecture and culture. Private, tailor-made tours of the island can be arranged to focus not only on the essence of the island, but on your personal interests.