Many have exclaimed about the imminent, overpowering, often mystic properties of light within the Greek realm. 

Within this luminous palette, no other colours have been venerated more by both Greeks and visitors, than those of blue and white.

So what is so special about these colours?

  In celebrating with you, our brilliant online guests, the International Day of Happiness 2013, we would like to share 10 very well-researched ways that may increase happiness in your lives!
Everyone’s path to happiness is different, but the research suggests these Ten Keys consistently tend to have a positive impact on people’s overall happiness and well-being. The first five (GREAT) relate to how we interact with the outside world in our daily activities. The second five (DREAM) come more from inside us and depend on our attitude to life.

The torrent of travel TV shows, newspaper supplements and guidebooks says it all. In life’s layers of daily drudgery, holidays provide the elusive seams of golden experience – the chance to forge cherished memories, to live freely, unshackled from the constraints of work and stress. Both fantasy and intuition tells us that these escapes from the everyday treadmill are in deed revitalising and beneficial, but what about science, what about psychology?


The vernacular architecture of Santorini is a splendid example of a built space skilfully adapted to a historically harsh natural setting. The small number of secure and easy to build on places, protection from the hard weather conditions (winds in winter and solar heat in summer), a shelter from the many pirates of the area and the scarcity of construction material created this minimalist and intricate architectural idiom of highly sustainable quality, right through to the advent of tourism.

The mere thought of foregoing electronics during a holiday may cause angina to some reading this sentence. Research however shows that abstaining from e-screens may have the complete opposite effects when planned regularly and executed appropriately. Locked by our internet use Modern life, despite all amenities, with its endless flows of incoming and outgoing communication has rendered many of us increasingly distracted, irritable, impulsive, restless and over the long term, underachieving.

Multi screen addiction

A growing number of reputed mental health experts are strongly advising periodic fasting from electronic communications while on the other hand recommend dedicated real-world experiences involving good-old, face-to-face communications. 

A perfect blend of the above is conveniently offered by the enriching and wholesome novelty of travel.  

Donkey BeerDonkey-resilient brew!
A Greek oenologist, a Serbian brewer, an English brewing enthusiast and an American, to round out the multi-cultural group, enter a brewery. The result? A fresh beer experience never before available in Santorini. Unfiltered, to capture every particle of flavor this 'lagered ale' has a lively personality and one should definitely cease the chance to be introduced to once on Santorini.