jacques-cousteauThe Cousteau family have affectionate bonds with Santorini that go back for decades and are deep as the bottom of the Aegean.

A brilliant innovator, a sophisticated showman, an educator and true lover of nature, Jacques Yves-Cousteau, left the world richer through his 120 television documentaries, his 50 books and an environmental protection foundation with 300,000 members. This "oceanographic technician" as he liked to call himself had a deep love for Santorini and had spent years researching her depths with his Calypso crew.

2013 Year of SantoriniProclaimed as the “Year Of Gastronomy in Santorini”, 2013 will be a very tasteful year to remember for our island visitors. Santorini has been heralded as one of the leading gastronomical destinations in the world and local authorities have announced a call to all farmers, wineries, restaurants, hotels and other businesses on the island to showcase Santorini’s celebrated native produce.

This is PerivolasHello and welcome to the inaugural post of our Perivolas Hotel Blog!

Through this blog we shall be unavailing the ins and outs of what constitutes the uniquely elegant charisma of Perivolas and the island of Santorini; a preview of succulent moments on our grounds, in front of our views and in the company of our talented personnel; an eclectic selection of local facts, news and happenings of interest to the well-rounded guest; and essential lifestyle and well-being tips for an ideal travelling experience with us.