Slow Movement

Life can be hectic and let’s face it many of us are guilty of ‘living the fast life instead of the good life.’

However, we’ve recently been inspired by a new cultural trend called the ‘Slow Movement’, which resonates with us here at Perivolas.

The movement is based around the simple ideal of slowing down in pace and savouring life. This is split into many factions, including slow food and slow city, which involves enjoying every mouthful of food and the reorganization of urban landscapes to include more sites for reflection.

Although it’s hard to slow down in today’s society we believe that simple changes can make all the difference. At the hotel there are no TVs to distract. With the beautiful surroundings of the caldera and the calming influence of water all around, guests are encouraged to connect with the natural landscape and perhaps take some time out to unwind in our wellness centre.

So embrace your ‘Inner tortoise’ and experience a happier, healthier, more productive version of yourself!

To learn more about the movement view a talk here by Carl Honore:

Photo Credits: Enrique Menossi

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