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The island of Santorini is a spectacular island that stands out for its raw beauty. One of the most scenic islands on the Aegean, it is one of the great natural wonders of the world. Part of the island’s attraction is the landscape and seascape of Thera wrapped around the flooded caldera with numerous villages perched on the cliffs, hundreds of meters above the water. The present configuration is the result of a large volcanic eruption, an event speculated to have been the inspiration for the Myth of Atlantis.

Herodotus says that the island was originally called Stongyle (‘round’); later it was referred to as Kalliste (‘most beautiful’). In his book “the Histories” he refers to the island as Thera, and that is the official name by which it is called today. Even though, it is referred to equally as Santorini, by locals and foreigners. The name of Santorini originated in the 13th century AD, from the Venetians as a derivative of Santa Irene.

Famous for its sunsets and equally magnificent moonsets of red and purple hues, during the day it marvels with a unique landscape bathed in blue and white nuances of the light of the greek sun. Santorini, is also renowned for the beautiful views it offers of its whitewashed villages perched on the cliff tops like snowflakes.

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  • Santorini has its own international airport and is also a regular stop point for the many boats that travel the Aegean.
  • The official language is Greek while English is widely spoken throughout.
  • Time zone is 2 hours ahead of GMT. As in most mediterranean countries, much of the day to day activities start very early in the morning, then stop at lunch time and reconvene in the early evening, continuing late into the night.
  • To call Greece from outside the country, the code is 0030 and the area prefix for Santorini is 22860.
  • Water conservation is a high priority and considered an important aspect of island life.
  • There is a public and private health center located on the island.
  • Electricity is 220v/50Hz
  • For satellite images of Santorini, the island coordinates are 36 25N  25 26E