Part 1: Santorini – An island of inspiration

Santorini has long been a source of inspiration for many of those who have set foot on its shores. Enchanting visitors through a combination of whitewashed architecture, blue domed buildings, stunning sunsets and the sparkling waters of the Aegean, we continually feel proud that our hotel is a part of such a vivacious landscape.

The island has been immortalised in numerous works of art by renowned artists such as Robert McCabe in his spectacular exhibition ‘Santorini and the Aegean: Images of an Enchanted Land (1954-1965)’, as well as works of literature such as The Greek Islands by Lawrence Durrell and Rare Adventures by William Lithgow, which capture the splendour of the island. These books are in our library for the enjoyment of guests.

Whilst considering this, we have been reminded of one of our favourite poems ’Santorini Love Story’ by Monterey Sirak. In our interpretation the essence of Mrs. Sirak’s words reinforce the notion that the island is a place, which has shared in so many momentous occasions and emphasise how the land can be a source of nostalgia.

Have a read of the poem below:



It was a simple art print

not an expensive work of art

but rather Wal Mart art

It was the title which caught my eye

and made me look twice

at a Santorini Love Story


I tried to find images of love the artist

saw in this picture of two wine glasses and

a wooden table on a weather-beaten terrace

overlooking a sleepy whitewashed village

and a limpid blue lake


An elderly gentleman stepped up beside me

Foreign by his speech with the courtly manner

of a time gone by he said “Please May I?”

A smile lit up his face as he explained

he recognized the place displayed on the print

he held in his quivering hands

The scene was of his homeland in the old country

It was there his sister once resided

in her little whitewashed cottage in Santorini by the sea


His aged face animated by the flow of memories

he launched into a story of the glorious times he spent on that island

It was a volcano actually

that time and tide have eroded

What I call a lake he called a caldera

He told me of a study in contrasts

the village side sloping gently down to the sea

the other side rugged and steep

Talked of lazy days in a small row boat with

blue sky above an even bluer sea below

and picnicking on the grass

where the bougainvillea grow

I heard of people whose simple values

never change content to let the world

rush by as they stay the same


With a hint of tears in his eyes he spoke

of the length of time since he enjoyed

the splendor of Santorini beneath his feet

His sister moved to the mainland years ago

and is now approaching eighty five


I bought the print of the most beautiful place

I ever visited Not in flesh but in spirit

Seen through the eyes of an elderly man

trying not to cry as he stood in aisle five

and shared with me A Santorini Love Story


We would love to hear from you! Let us know how you have been inspired by our hotel, or the island in general, by sharing your photos/stories with us on Facebook, or Twitter.

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