Spring in Santorini

With today being the official first day of Spring and the Easter holidays now in sight, at the hotel we’re thinking about all that there is to look forward to this season.

During this season the most beautiful aspects of the island truly come to life through a magical combination of vivid colours from the natural blossoms that bloom at this time and the golden tones of the sunsets and sunrises, which are are at their most unique.

This is also a more peaceful time to enjoy the surrounding area, as the crowds are lower in Santorini than during the summer months and the sun is still shining bright, with highs of 18 degrees.

During the Easter Break, which is considered the most important holiday in Greece, look out for the many local festivities. From the start of the Holy Week that leads up to Easter it is tradition for the people of the island to fast and attend masses at the numerous churches.

One of the most characteristic elements of Greek Easter traditions is the epitaph. During the day on the Friday before Easter be sure to visit the town church to see it being decorated with flowers etc – a lovely tradition for those who’ve never seen it before! As well as this, take a walk through the pebbled streets of Oia and admire the decorated houses and vibrant dyed eggs.

Food is also a central part of the Easter celebrations with traditional Easter brioches (tsourekia) and cookies the most widely sampled delicacies. At the hotel our restaurant serves up the finest quality seasonal ingredients and traditional Greek wines, for an authentic tasting experience.

Photo Credits: Instagram user @yununoko0125


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